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Mario_and_Luigiaustin_wallert (1 year ago)
This guy sucks. :D
Mario_and_Luigiihatesnow (1 year ago)
I love how there's an account made specifically for the purpose of telling us that they hate snow.
Mario_and_Luigi (3 years ago)
I'm bored. OuO
burnoutracerMiranda (3 years ago)
hi miranda
JakeMario_and_Luigi (3 years ago)
Hey what's up?!
Mario_and_Luigi wrote 3 years ago:
Nothin much. :p

SuprFlyMax (3 years ago)
oy below how rude
SuprFlyMaxminga212 (3 years ago)
nice avatar is that telamon
minga212 wrote 3 years ago:
Your right
Jake (3 years ago)
The game page is now tailored to the game your playing! Optimized the space to offer more games related to what you're playing, and more sharing options on your favorite social networking sites!
CaseyHeartsJ (3 years ago)
Watching the Kardashians!(:
JakeCaseyHeartsJ (3 years ago)
zachery (3 years ago)
i love video games so mnuch i think i could build a house full of video games and live in it
Jake wrote 3 years ago:
wow you really do love them huh!
Jake (3 years ago)
Arcade Resort just got faster :)
WyliePhenixJake (3 years ago)
i love this website
Jake wrote 3 years ago:
I appreciate that!
WyliePhenix wrote 3 years ago:
:) no prob
JakeWyliePhenix (3 years ago)
What's up?
WyliePhenix wrote 3 years ago:
Playing "Accurate Boy" you should play dude!
Jake wrote 3 years ago:
Okeyyyy haha
Jakedanman (3 years ago)
ihatesnowJake (3 years ago)
Jake wrote 3 years ago:
whats up

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