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Collect more than three of the same faces to remove they. Get the trollface and ...
Stickman of Duty
You have to defeat the waves of enemies in a 3D town, finding them and eliminati...

Thing Thing Arena Pro
Are you pro? Blast 'em all in this new Thing Thing game!
Dry Fire Reloaded
Use your cannon to annihilate wave after wave of stickman onslaught, changing yo...

American Soldier
American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infest...
Animal Hunter
Walk through the forest with your bow and arrow shoot rabbits ostrich and eagles...

Color Tanks
Enter the arena in a paint shooting battle tank, upgrade it and blast your way t...
Apple Shooter
Inspired by the legend of William Tell. Shoot the apple off your friends head us...

Fast paced shooting action - how long can you stay alive?
Mountain Adventure
Shoot your way through the mountain as as expert female assassin.

Siege Knight
In the shooting game Siege Knight your duty is to protect the castle against inc...
The Final Fight
Suicide bombers hate chickens! There's no time to wonder why - defend the hen ho...

Precision Strike
Throw grenades on the enemies who hide in bunkers. Note that your grenades amoun...
Cubikill 5
No vacation for you! Try to hit every combo and survive as long as you can.

The Strangers
Lead a team of anti-terrorist commandos on a string of dangerous missions. Can y...
The Strangers 3
Feeling Special? Cause we've got missions for some extra special forces, baby. L...

The Strangers 4
Take your team of snipers into hostile territory. Plan your assaults and execute...
Totem Breaker
Destroy totems and kill enemies- simultaneously!

Turt Trooper
For obscure reasons, turtles are on the warpath. Don't trouble yourself with the...
Ultimate Assassin 2
Your goal: take out the green shirt. And don't let those nosy guards spot you! S...

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